Samsung Gear S SM-R750 Curved Super AMOLED Smart Watch Review

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4.5/5 on June 9, 2018

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  • Convenience-You can get fast access to numerous capacities that would some way or another require an association with a cell phone.
  • Battery life -The 300mAh battery that accompanies this smartwatch has a longer life as compared to other brands.
  • Internet connection-As a result of the wireless connection, a Samsung smartwatch would have an Internet association permitting associations with any server on the planet.



  • Cost factor-Samsung smart watch is tagged with a high price while compared to other smart watches and also the service costs are also in no way cheap.
  • Size and weight-Size and weight are one thing, and both point to, maybe, a definitive question about styling.


As seen over, the Samsung Gear S SM-R750 Smartwatch is the best watch, there is that can coordinate abilities performed by a smart phone. In fact, most customers recommend it as the top smartwatch accessible. "Wouldn't consider using another smartwatch," is a typical comment among the various customers across the globe. Irrefutably, it has shown to give the best value-for-money.

As mobile technology has turned out to be progressively mainstream over the previous decade. Conventional wrist watches have gradually lost their place in the public eye as our “time-tellers.” Reacting to “do you have sufficient energy?” has gone from a snappy glimmer of the wrist to angling through your tote or searching your stashes in mad pursuit of your mobile phone. This has drawn out the need to further upgrade the usefulness of cell phones altogether. The idea has been around for a considerable length of time, and an assortment of diverse smart watches items are at long last beginning to enter the business sector –and the media– in full constrain. In this article, we will delve into the Samsung Gear S SM-R750 Smartwatch, dig into its specs, advantages, disadvantages and give our proposition on whether it's an amazing purchase.

Specifications of the Samsung Gear S SM-R750 Smartwatch

So what specifications make this thing the best?

* This Samsung smartwatch comes stacked with 2G GSM Networks: GSM900, DCS1800, completely useful 300mAh battery, Tizen operating system, a 3G system and a Wi-Fi.
* In addition, this smartwatch is compatible with different smart phones, particularly those with a 1GB RAM, Bluetooth (4.0 or more) and with an android rendition of 4.3+.
* Furthermore, not left behind are progressive useful elements, for example, a Qwerty Keyboard, a Voice Recognition highlight( S Voice) , Call, Text informing, GPS and a screen lock that is completely customized.

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